Pvc Window

The window is an important element of every building. If we look around the window market, we could experience, that it is not easy to select from the enormous range of products. Every erector has to face the problem of selectig from plastic, plastic-aluminium, wood and wood-aluminium windows. Moreover it is a lot more difficult the select the most adequate front door, which also represents a personal lifestyle.
The window is not only the „eye” of a building, but also the spirit of the house.
The sizes, shapes and technological solutions of the windows are in great extent determining the character, style, age of the building, no matter if it is going about modern or older style buildings. They are playing an important role in the forming a picture not only about each house, but about the streets and moreover the whole city.

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Sound reduction up to 47dB
6-chamber construction
Thermal Insulation (Uw-Value:) 0,85 W/m²K
Security: up to RC2

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Sound Reduction up to 47 dB
7-chamber structure
Thermal Insulation 0,74 W/m²K
Security: up toRC 2

BluEvolution 82

Building Depth: Stock 82 mm
6-chamber construction,
middle seal (3 gaskets)
Uw-value: 0,77 W/m²K

BluEvolution 92

Building Depth: 92 mm
6-chamber structure
Glas Ug:0,5 Wm²K
3-gasket system