ablak, müanyag ablak, ingatlan


Building Depth: Stock 88 mm/ Flügel 88 mm

7-chamber construction

Sound Reduction up to 47 dB

Middle Seal 3 gaskets (Standard: grey) „Dekor black“

Triple glazed: Ug 0,5 Swisspacer

Glas: 24-56 mm
Thermal Insulation (Uw-Value:) 0,74 W/m²K

Uf-Value: 0,98 W/m²K
Security: up toRC 2 ; Standard schließstück und Pilzzapfenverriegelung.

Hinge: Maco Muli-Matic

Handle : Alu weiß, Titan oder Braun

Concealed locking is available 

Recommended for energy-saving and passive construction.