Komfort Passiv

The PASSIVE window combines the positive features of two quality materials. The wooden part on the outer window face is joined with aluminum for better durability, appearance and energy efficiency. The additional third pane further reinforces all of these excellent qualities.




  • exceptionallylonglifespan
  • colours on inner and outer faces of the window can be different, offering a great array of colour choices


Technical execution:

  • Building depth 85 mm (107 mm)
  • 3-ply laminated scantlings
  • 3-layer Ug: 0,5 Wm²K glass (standard) best Value Uw: 0,83 Wm²K
  • Transparent Silicon
  • Standard security hinges
  • Secustik security handle
  • Standard F9 Brest titanium handle
  • In many standard and RAL colour

Optional accessory for

  • hidden hinges
  • security hinges
  • alerting sensor
  • extra glasses
  • and many other accessories available


ENERGIE FENSTER Polly- Passive wooden-aluminium window