KomfortOptimo XL wooden-aluminium window


The KomfortOptimo XL window combines wood and aluminium to create the optimal mix of high energy efficiency, attractive appearance and affordable price. It represents an upgrade of the KO/L with an additional aligned window profile on the inner face of the window. *L (Line) and XL (eXclusive)


  • aligned aluminium cover on the outer window face and a wooden profile on the inner face
  • window casement is 130 mm tick, and the frame 130 mm
  • produced with the latest computer controlled technology implemented in 2014



  • contemporary design
  • suitable for low-energy and passive buildings
  • warm feeling
  • excellentwater- and airtightness
  • extremelylonglifespan


Technical execution:

  • Building depth 130 mm (107 mm)
  • 3-ply laminated scantlings
  • 3-layer Ug: 0,5 Wm²K glass (standard) best Value Uw: 0,73 Wm²K
  • Transparent Silicon
  • Standard security hinges
  • Secustik security handle
  • Standard F9 Brest titanium handle
  • hidden hinges
  • In many standard and RAL colour

Optional accessory for

  • security hinges
  • alerting sensor
  • extra glasses
  • and many other accessories available


ENERGIE FENSTER Polly-Komfort Optimo XLwooden-aluminium window